we need that bed back!

Well it was very clear they expected me out yesterday, it felt like everyone knew about the schedule except me, and in particular my bowels. Still no number 2 as of yesterday and a lot of back pain with it. Nothing abnormal with the temperature or blood pressure or any of that. Just an excruitiating painful back for me – in a band at the bottom of the ribs and now having woken up at 2am it’s more localised as a circle that goes from the middle of back up to my let kidney and then down to above the hip – the lower left side is hell – that is where the drain is, well the backside of it, the drain is on my left lower side.

I’m told the hospital starts loosing money when you’ve been in there for more than 6 days so they are very keen to get you out of there asap. I understand they have a business to run too but when the commodity is sick people you should have better parameters to affect change.

So yesterday I was given a very strong laxative that they usually give pre bowel surgery and it gave me the most horrible stomach cramps and gut pain, cold sweats and nausea and don’t let me forget the taste… for anyone who has had golytely or colonlytely anyof those solution – we are a band of brothers who understand the lengths one must go to try and get healthy, thats for sure.

Well eventually it worked and I was able to pass a small bowel motion in which the nurses and doctors all cheered, to be honest I think it was because now they can get a new person in that they make money off rather than I might be getter better.

I haven’t been since then and they chucked one and a half sachets into me – that should result in more than just one small toilet run.

Oh well let us see what tomorrow brings.


About rdesain

I am a passionate advocate for ehealth, I believe we are at an exciting point in time that technology can revolutionize the delivery of healthcare. I am also a patient, with a chronic disease and this is my journey of major surgery - I hope to highlight where possible , opportunities for eHealth.
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One Response to we need that bed back!

  1. Rodney says:

    Great Post.

    You are correct. Hospitals do lose money after a certain number of days, which is whyaffordable health insurance must start by having lower costs associated with treatment facilities and drug companies.

    Good post

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