4 weeks post surgery, feeling almost normal

well tomorrow it will be 4 weeks since surgery and I’ve just come back from a trip to Daylesford, for those not in or near Melbourne, it’s a beautiful part of the Victoria state about 1hr 30mins drive north west of the city up in the hills, it is known for it’s scenery, walks, quaint town and having lots of therapeutic springs and mineral water – you may have heard of hepburn springs? anyway we (my boyfriend and the dog) decided to head there to do some walks as they allow dogs which is brilliant, a lot of national parks don’t, I’ve seen kids and tourist cause more damage than my dog but hey thats another story…).

I was a little worried as the longest I’ve walked so far has been a very gently 2kms around the carlton gardens near our house, and I know there is cellphone coverage and toilets not too far away if my guts went bad. But hey life is for living right?!

We took the 4.5Km round trip to the blowhole through beautiful eucalyptus forests trying to spot koala’s and praying the thick long overgrown grass didn’t hide any of the multitude of deadly snakes that call Australia home, thankfully we didn’t spot any snakes, unfortunately no Koala’s either. I’m told the best bet is to look at the ground for Koala poo and when you spot some look up, not really sure what there poo looks like, but this weird black tarry stuff sort of fitted the bill – alas no Koala’s above them.

The walk was fine and as i stopped to take a breather next to the river I thought wow, 4 weeks ago I was about to go into hospital, nervous, worried, anxious and now I am feeling good – 10cm of bowel, two tumours and some endo removed, a bit tired and a HUGE scar but ok.

I guess it’s a sign my body is in Ok health to be able to get back to almost normal so quickly, or maybe given that your large bowel is 1.5m the body thinks of well thats nothing…carry on as normal folks.

The only sore bits are the cramps, I’m told your body will find it difficult to go to the toilet normally for a while so I’m hoping these crippling gut pains that signal we need to find a toilet soon are just part of the healing process. Not much fun for anyone who is reading this and about to have this surgery – expect to get severe lower abdo cramps that will literally stop you dead in your tracks and you feel your legs might buckle underneath you, breathe – slowly in and out and hopefully the pain will subside – then find a bathroom and wait…. unfortunately you might wait a while – I was worried about overly active bowels post surgery I didn’t realise lazy bowels are just as much of a problem. Apparently small intenstine surgery leads to more loose stools and large bowel can lead to constipation. Make sure you drink plenty of water, walk as far as you can each day and a small half cup of prune juice at night works wonders to help you not live in the bathroom – oh and whatever you do don’t strain…. seriously… dont’ do it – the pain is NOT worth it.

I’m still debating whether to do anything about the various screw ups while I was in hospital – the main one being them lying about the surgeon saying he was happy for me to go home in the morning… that really pisses me off, that a stupid protocol or procedure stating patients must be discharged by 10.30 and that the staff are incentivized to stick to this could have actually caused me a major infection and luckily it will just be a major scar. I realise I’m going to end up with a much bigger and more prominent scar because of this and although i wouldn’t call myself vain, in fact I almost look at all the scars on my belly as proud battle scars of my fight with Endometriosis all these years, it’s still annoying that one womans decision to put her financial reward for meeting a hospital procedure instead of waiting till my doctor saw me means I have a thick purple scar instead of a nice little white one.

At the end of the day, I’m safe, I’m alive, I have those horrible tumours out of me and am hopefully on the way to feeling more energetic, healthy and happy, really at the end of the day thats what’s important.


About rdesain

I am a passionate advocate for ehealth, I believe we are at an exciting point in time that technology can revolutionize the delivery of healthcare. I am also a patient, with a chronic disease and this is my journey of major surgery - I hope to highlight where possible , opportunities for eHealth.
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One Response to 4 weeks post surgery, feeling almost normal

  1. Niamh says:

    Great blog and a fantastic insight into the impact of technology and processes on the delivery of quality healthcare.
    Am working in that industry, and will be sharing your blog with colleagues.

    Thank you very much for putting this effort in, I’m positive it will benefit others 🙂

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