I work day to day as a digital strategy consultant in particular in health, I do all sorts of things from help businesses put together proposals for government funding, to workshops on what social media means for our customers, all sorts of things.

My background is in bringing new digital products to market and I am a passionate believer that we face an enormous opportunity to revolutionize the way we delivery healthcare, empowered by technology and a connected infrastructure.

As well as being an ehealth advocate I am also like many of us a patient with a serious chronic disease, I am regular user of the health service be it my GP, my pharmacist, allied health, specialist surgeon, pathology lab, emergency department – oh yeah I see them a fair bit.

I have to have some pretty major surgery so I thought wouldn’t it be interesting to blog about my journey as a patient and try and offer ideas of where I think ehealth and adoption of technology into workflows might improve efficiencies.

I will be honest, open and hope to create a dialogue from a  patient perspective of what might be possible Рwe always talk about us moving to a patient centric model Рperhaps this might prove useful in understanding what that might mean?


Ms eHealth Advocate


5 Responses to About

  1. Ken Swan says:

    This is a fantastic initiative and I look forward to following your progress, and hope everything works out OK for you.

  2. Dr George Margelis says:

    Look forward to watching your adventures via the blogosphere.
    Thanks for being willing to share your trials and tribulations with us all, I hope we can use it to make a better healthcare system for you and the rest of us.

  3. Saul Kamen says:

    Yeah, finding a good specialist is really hard. What sites did you use?

    • mepatient says:

      finding specialist is really hard, I would say word of mouth from other with your condition is probably the best shot so I went to endometriosis association and asked friends if they knew anyone with endo.
      You’ve inspired me to write a little something specifically on the topic and how I believe social media will empower teh patient centric health system we talk about to move the specialist fee’s and performance so to speak out into the open.

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